Family Feud: 2010 Edition - Nintendo Wii

Family Feud: 2010 Edition - Nintendo Wii

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The 2010 Edition is a home game adaptation of the current iteration of the long-running competitive game show Family Feud. Two families face off against each other by predicting the most popular results of a survey question given to 100 people. Points are awarded based on the number of surveyed people who gave that same response (i.e. 63 people equal 63 points). Suggesting an answer that was not given by those surveyed gives that family a strike. The first family to reach 300 points wins the game and goes to a bonus round to try and increase their final score.

The 2010 edition offers two gameplay modes. A single-player mode pits your team against ten families of increasing intelligence across ten "episodes" of the show. Success awards new clothing and hairstyles for your in-game avatar. A multi-player mode pits two teams (the actual number of people on the teams limited only by who is in the room) against each other in a full episode of the show.

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