Fable III (Limited Collector's Edition) - Xbox 360

Fable III (Limited Collector's Edition) - Xbox 360

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This Limited Collector's Edition comes in a leather-bound hollowed-out book with a leather strap to shut the case. Opening the cover reveals the Fable III game and case. Beneath the game is a secret compartment that contains a Fable III deck of cards, and a large metal coin with symbolism of "good" on one side, and "evil" on the other. As well as the fancy case, the game features exclusive downloadable content:

  • Hunter's Lodge Region: the new region not only features another location to settle down with a family, but also new items to discover. As well as this, there is a new outfit (one for male, one for female characters) from the distant land of Aurora.
  • New Dog Breed: the player may opt to transform his canine companion into the Boxer.
  • Wolf's Bane Quest: this quest features a dark mystery from the Silverpines haunted forests, where the Wolfsbane sword may be earned. This sword is capable of hefty damage against balverines and wolves.

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