F1 2015 - Xbox One

F1 2015 - Xbox One

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F1 2015 is a yearly installment in the Codemasters Formula One racing series officially licensed by the FIA. The game includes all the drivers, cars and circuits of the 2015 season, but also all those of the 2014 season. It runs on a new version of the game engine with improvements the physics models. Also in this edition, the track temperature affects the cars' performances. There is also a new, improved weather system. The game support voice commands through the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One's voice recognition, to interact with race engineers during the race. It is possible to ask questions about the race, the status of the vehicle or the weather forecast.

There are five game modes that are: Quick Race, Time Trial, Season Championship, Pro Season and Multiplayer. In Quick Race, you select any driver and circuit, and can change the difficulty and the race's settings. In Time Trial, you select any car and circuit to record lap times that will be compared in a online global ranking. In Season Championship, you select any driver of the 2014 or 2015 seasons for compete in a full season of the Formula One Drivers and Constructors Championship. The Pro Season is similar, but in this mode there is on-screen HUD, there are no driving aids and the difficulty of the AI is locked at the maximum level. In Multiplayer you can compete against other players in online races. The game does not include a career mode.

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