EyePet  - Playstation 3

EyePet - Playstation 3

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EyePet is a virtual pet simulation game with augmented reality elements. The game uses PlayStation Eye camera to bring the cute fluffy pet to life in the player's living room. The player can interact with the creature in a variety of ways: play with the pet using their hands (motion tracked by the PlayStation Eye), feed and wash the pet, draw for it and make it react to the drawing etc. Activities unlock multiple items of customization and clothing for the pet and materials to construct new toys. The game package includes "Magic card" - a small card that needs to be placed on the floor in front of the TV and it defines the play area for the pet.

EyePet was originally released in European countries and Australia. A reworked version with PS Move peripheral support titled EyePet: Move Edition was released internationally in 2010. A free upgrade to the Move Edition for the owners of the original EyePet is available as a download from Sony PlayStation Store.

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