Escape Dead Island - Xbox 360

Escape Dead Island - Xbox 360

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Escape Dead Island is a spin-off from the main Dead Island series, outside of the main canon, and it is done by a different developer. Unlike the main series it is played from a third-person perspective. The visuals are changed to a cel shaded look with action words that appear on the screen similar to comic books. In this survival action game the player controls Cliff Calo who travels with two friends to the Banoi archipelago, mainly the Narapela island, to investigate the reports about strange events there. His main goal is to gather evidence by taking pictures with his camera, proving the Geopharm corporation is active on the islands. The game's tutorial is set slightly before the rest of the game where the player controls the operative Kilo Two who infiltrates a Geopharm facility to discover the identity of the mole, two days before the outbreak. Xian Mei, from the main game series, also appears as a character in the game.

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