Elite: Dangerous - Playstation 4

Elite: Dangerous - Playstation 4

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Elite: Dangerous is a game that combines space exploration, combat and trading in a futuristic setting. It is the fourth game in the Elite series and the sequel to the 1995 Frontier: First Encounters. It is set in an open world based on the real Milky Way and it is persistent in the way that it started in the year 3300 when it was launched in 2014 and time runs in sync with ours. As in the previous games the player starts with a small ship and a limited amount of 'credits' and needs to make a name by exploring an enormous galaxy said to contain 400 billion star systems. There are both noble and infamous paths to follow with many different types of jobs involving bounty hunting, exploring, fighting, mining, piracy, smuggling or trading, but always with the goal of acquiring capital to invest in larger ships, advanced equipment and cargo bays to store goods. There is a laws and crime system in place tied to a reputation. The game has fines and bounties, but players can also buy insurance.

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