Elex - PlayStation 4

Elex - PlayStation 4

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Elex is an action role-playing game set on the planet Magalan after it was hit by a meteor. The game starts with the players characters ship being shot down while on a mission. Stranded far from home the player now has to survive and explore the world. The game title reverse to a rare substance that arrived with the meteor that can be used to power machines or give the user the ability to use magic.

Like previous games from the same developer different factions exits and can be joint. These factions are the Berserkers in Edan who use the Elex to restore the destruction caused by the meteor by restoring nature, Outlaws in Tavar, Clerics in Ignadon who use the Elex to power thier machines and the Albs in Xacor who consume raw Elex giving them great strength. The game offers a wide range of weapons like crossbows, swords, hammers, guns and flamethrowers. There is also a jetpack included. All the five regions of the game world are free to explore from the start. Experience can be gained by slaying hostile creatures or completing quests.

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