Eagle Flight - Playstation 4

Eagle Flight - Playstation 4

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Eagle Flight is a VR game set in a fictional version of Paris that was abandoned by humankind fifty years ago, although it is not specified what happened exactly. There are famous landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, the Notre Dame cathedral and the Pantéon. The buildings are crumbling, animals have escaped from the zoo and vegetation overgrowth shows nature is reclaiming the city. The player takes control of an eagle, shown through a first-person perspective with the beak still visible, and can soar through the sky of the free-roaming environment without restrictions.

There is a Story mode that links together 23 story missions and seventeen expert challenges in five chapters, but also a Free Flight mode. From the main map different types of events can be accessed that mainly revolve around time trial mechanics. There are also missions set in catacombs, the metro and underground tunnels, both during the day and at night, and there are many shortcuts and small passages where taking risks is rewarded with a speed boost through wind tunnels. Up to three stars are earned based on the performance and stars are needed to unlock new event types with 129 stars in total.

Movement is done entirely through head tracking, by looking in a certain direction and tilting, while a controller is used to send a sound based Eagle Screech attack. As the eagle cries out it is shot as a projectile and the straight path needs to be predicted so it crosses the trajectory of an enemy such as another bird. It is also possible to speed up or slow down. Later on a shield is discovered; it blocks a single attack and then dissolves. In an event like Gone Fishing a course needs to be completed as fast as possible while catching a number of fish midair as they jump out of a river. In another a friendly bird needs to be protected while vultures attack and they need to be taken out. There are also chase sequences and it is possible to race ghosts to beat the fastest times.

There are also many collectible feathers and fish to locate. Overall, the player needs to conquer the city's districts in different ways. This varies per district and includes exploring, building a nest on landmarks and facing rivals like bats, falcons and vultures. A chapter always ends with a ring challenge. Enemies have different abilities. Bats rarely attack but have an echo shield that blocks your sound attacks. Falcons have the same abilities and can shield themselves against the Eagle Screech. Vultures do not attack back, but go very fast. The game's most dangerous enemy is the black falcon.

The game supports online multiplayer for up to six players. Two teams of three players can play a Capture the Flag variant where a dead rabbit appears somewhere in the city, marked by a column of light. Both teams attempt to get the rabbit back to their own nest to score. Players work together, but there are no means to communicate.

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