EA Sports Active 2 - Nintendo Wii

EA Sports Active 2 - Nintendo Wii

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The sequel to EA Sports ActiveEA Sports Active 2 adds new exercises, workout plans, and brings the series to the Xbox360 and PS3 alongside the Wii.

The major inclusion to Active 2 is a wireless heart rate monitor worn on the arm. The player's heart rate is displayed on the screen along with five activity targets giving encouragement to faster rates (for pushing themselves harder). The heart rate monitor is not meant to be a safety device, and workouts do not appear to change in any way based on its readings.

Active 2's major change from the previous title is to move away from using handheld sensors (the Wiimote and nunchuck) to track activity. The PS3 and Wii versions include additional wireless sensors worn on the arm and leg ("Total Body Tracking" system), while the Xbox360 version uses only the heart rate monitor and the Kinect to track movement. All three platforms thus allow players to freely use hand weights and perform floor exercises - two limitations of the first game. As with the first game, a resistance band is also included for those who do not have their own workout equipment.

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