Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce - Playstation 3

Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce - Playstation 3

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  • Koei brings us again a new addition to the Dynasty Warriors series. This installment still features the same storyline based on the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, with the various officers as playable characters. The character list and appearance is the same as in Dynasty Warriors 6, meaning some of the previous game's characters are not available.

    The difference in this one is that the player is allowed to choose only one character for the chosen force (either Wei, Wu or Shu) who starts in a village that will act as the hub, or camp, from which the game battles are accessed. By completing story missions, some characters are added and can be played as without starting a new game, meaning all acquired weapons, items and materials will be kept.

    The chosen character can be customized in various ways. Apart from the main weapon, one sub weapon, chosen from many weapon types, can be equipped. Both weapons can be switched anytime during battle, to accommodate the situation. A new addition is the Chi system which allows to set special abilities to the character, there are four slots to equip Chi (the two arms and legs). Weapons can also be customized by adding Orbs that give different abilities, such as elemental properties.

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