Dynasty Warriors 7: Xtreme Legends - Playstation 3

Dynasty Warriors 7: Xtreme Legends - Playstation 3

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Dynasty Warriors 7: Xtreme Legends is an expansion to Dynasty Warriors 7. The main feature of this Xtreme Legends is Legend mode, where any of the game's playable generals is cast as the regent of a fictional city. Completing missions in Legend mode will advance the city, upgrading and opening up new merchants. Titles are a new advancement mechanic that grant permanent bonuses by completing specific tasks, like possessing a certain amount of gold or defeating a number of generals without being hit. A small number of new moves have been added, including the ability to cancel any move with a dash.

All of the missions in Xtreme Legends are battles from Romance of the Three Kingdoms which were not included, or not playable by a specific faction, in Dynasty Warriors 7, like Cao Cao's kidnapping of the Emperor or Guan Yu's escape. Challenge mode also makes a return with integrated leaderboards for race, survival, and high score stages. Finally the Nightmare difficulty level returns, and with it come two more max levels for all weapon types in the game.

For the first time, Xtreme Legends features new characters, all for the Wei clan:
  • Guo Jia: Cao Cao's favored strategist who died early in the three kingdoms period.
  • Wang Yi: a woman sworn to kill Ma Chao. Also the only woman recorded in actual historical record to have fought in the three kingdoms period.
  • Pang De: a warrior serving Ma Chao who switched sides for unknown reasons.
Purchased weapons and stats for generals from Dynasty Warriors 7 can be imported with the Remix feature. It also allows the original Story mode and Free mode to be played even with the new characters and weapons. Co-op Story mode, which was absent in the first game, is now available. Models from characters available in Warriors Orochi 3 are the ones used in this game.

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