Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires - Xbox 360

Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires - Xbox 360

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Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires is an expansion to Dynasty Warrior 6.

The goal of the game is to unify all Ancient China under a single leader in Conquest mode. To do so, the player must each month decide a strategy by choosing skills from cards, decide to either attack an adjacent territory, or pass. Sometimes, an enemy will attack the player's territory which must then be defended. The player can however change his allegiance at any time.

The weapons are leveled up like in Dynasty Warrior 4 and can be equipped skills and abilities.

Up to 100 custom characters can also be created, using existing officer's stances and weapons, as well as unlockable garment parts. These officers are available to take part in the conquest alongside the leaders, generals, and even generic-looking officers. One of the regular generals from the Dynasty Warrior series, Meng Huo, who was unavailable in the original game (although he was put in the PSP release), can now be played.

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