Dropcast - Nintendo DS

Dropcast - Nintendo DS

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  • Dropcast is a puzzle game that combines elements of Collapse! and Tetris. The game is played with the DS held like a book, with one screen to the left and the other to the right. On the right screen the player has to remove blocks by clicking on groups of two or more same coloured blocks. As more blocks are added to the playfield from below, the player has to prevent the stack of block from reaching the top of the screen. When groups of six or more blocks are removed, blocks of different shapes will start falling on the left screen. In the top right corner of the screen the shape is shown, but it changes every 15 seconds. On the left screen blocks are cleared by making full rows of blocks, similar to Tetris. The position of the left screen falling block depends on the position of the blocks that are removed on the right screen. The player scores for each cleared row on the left screen. More points are scored when clearing multiple rows in one move and when all blocks in the row are of the same colour. The game is over when the blocks on either screen reaches the top.

    In addition to the main mode (which is called Ingrid's Curse) there's a mode called Battle Royale which is competitive. In it the player competes against another person or against the AI. It works similarly but here removing blocks causes spells to be cast. The spell that is cast depends on the colour of the removed blocks. Each player has three attack spells and one counter spell. 

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