Driveclub VR - Playstation 4

Driveclub VR - Playstation 4

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Driveclub VR is in a way a subset of the original Driveclub game containing both off-line and on-line races. As the name implies, the game gives an importance on creating or joining online clubs with other players and earning points by competing in various races. For offline mode, the same type of races still appear, such as racing with other opponents (AI offline or other players online), time trials, free driving which lets you explore the surrounding of each track with a VR helmet without pressure of winning, or drifting.

There are dozens of cars available, but at the beginning only two are unlocked. The rest become available as you drive and in doing so level up. Character creation is also available, but unlike in role-playing games, you can choose only sex, one of the several faces, clothes, and helmet style. When racing you can use factory color of a car, club colors if you are part of an online club, or do your own coloring and design. Tracks are split and selected per countries (Scotland, India, Japan, etc.) and vary in terrain from city streets and actual racing tracks to snowy mountains. While the weather effect selection is only limited to clear and cloudy, time of day can be set by clock which will result in racing at sunset, noon, dawn, or night.

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