Dream Trigger 3D - Nintendo 3DS

Dream Trigger 3D - Nintendo 3DS

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 Dream Trigger 3D is not an easy game to define. It's one part shmup and one part puzzle game, with a dash of rhythm thrown in for good measure. If that doesn't sound strange enough, the concept behind the game goes even further: Players are tasked with delving into the bleakest depths of their consciousness in order to battle and defeat nightmares. Essentially, players are "dream fixers."


Dream Trigger's complex shmup-based gameplay focuses on a concept of sonar pings. The bottom (touch) screen of the 3DS features a grid that players tap with the stylus to position sonar pings. A rhythmic sonar wipe moves across the screen, and where ever the player tapped the screen, a sonar signal is activated. This is necessary because all enemies are generally invisible, and cannot be attacked unless a sonar signal makes them visible. Careful planning, and a strict attention to detail are necessary to lay pings in anticipation of enemy movements, and in order to constantly move the player character out of the way of enemy attacks.

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