Drakengard 2 - Playstation 2

Drakengard 2 - Playstation 2

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Because of the events of the first game the world was broken, requiring the Red Dragon, Angelus, to restore the magical seals and hold back the apocalypse. In the eighteen years since, the Union has taken rule over the land and made prisoner the former soldiers of the Empire's forces. The priestess child Mannah has grown and lives in the company of these imprisoned forces. Among the Union forces, the Knights of the Seal were formed in dedication to the protection of the magical seals. General Oror of the Knights was on a campaign in the wilds when he came across a young boy, named Nowe, who was cared for and able to talk to the Blue Dragon, Legna. Deciding to raise the boy as his son, Oror brought both Nowe and Legna back to the Union. The Hierach leader, Seere, recognized Nowe's potential and dubbed him "The Savior". Over time, Nowe grew up among the knights and aspired to join their ranks. Now finally after many years and training, Nowe is ready to formally become a member of the Knights of the Seal...

Drakengard 2 is a 3rd person role-playing action game like the first title. The player controls Nowe on his quest, as well as other characters who join him along the way. The game is separated into two modes: Aerial combat and Ground combat. In Aerial Combat, Nowe rides dragonback against a variety of airborne foes breathing fireballs (strong single shots and weaker multiple lock-on shots). The Dragon is agile and is able to evade incoming threats, turning around completely in a moment. In Ground combat, the game is shown in 3rd person though usually large, open areas. Controlling Nowe, his primary ability is the use of a variety of weapons found on the battlefield. Each type of weapon can only be equipped by a specific character, and so changing to a new weapon type will also change the playable character from Nowe to another member of his party. These weapons are leveled up, gaining new combos and more powerful magic, through continued usage, and specifically through the killing of individual enemies. Accessories and items, such as healing and magic restorers, can also be found and used during combat. Though magic (determined by weapon choice), timed attacks and evasion, Nowe is able to defeat enemies and earn experience. Defeated enemies drop items and coins, though weapons are only found in treasure chests. In ground combat, Nowe may also call forth his Dragon to ride and strafe enemies from the air. The Dragon's movements are generally the same as in aerial combat but more limited and less agile.

Progress in the game is shown on the world map. Levels that have been visited before might become "Expedition Missions" which are optional and contain new objectives, enemies and weapons. Additionally, any level previously played in the storyline may be revisited at any time. Additionally, villages will appear which sell weapons and items in exchange for gold coins.

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