Dr. Muto - Original Xbox

Dr. Muto - Original Xbox

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Burnital Industries is causing an energy crisis on Planet Midway. In a desperate attempt to rectify the situation the mayor reluctantly asks the mad scientist, Dr. Muto, to use his Genitor 9000 machine. However, the machine winds up destroying the majority of Planet Midway. In order to restore the planet, Muto must go out searching for isotopes, Terra, and pieces of the Genitor 9000 that got scattered on the four planets that Burnital Industries owns.

Gameplay involves collecting the aforementioned items. While the isotopes can be found all over, the Terra pieces are collected by completing challenges. and the Genitor pieces are earned by defeating a planet's boss. Each planet also holds seven scrap parts for Muto to find. Collecting the scraps will give Muto a new gadget to use such as rocket boots or an invisibility suit.

While Dr. Muto can jump and zap enemies, he is also able to morph into several different creatures by using his Splizz Gun. Muto can morph into a mouse, spider, gorilla, fish, or a pterodactyl. This is necessary as the creatures have unique abilities such as the mouse being able to fit into tight spaces and the pterodactyl having the ability to fly.

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