Double Dragon II - Game Boy Classic

Double Dragon II - Game Boy Classic

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Double Dragon II for the Game Boy is not a port of the arcade sequel. It is instead a re-skinned version of Nekketsu Kōha Kunio-kun: Bangai Rantōhen, with general gameplay and level design kept, but character and background graphics as well as music completely changed to fit the Double Dragon series.

Once again the Lee brothers are called into action when they are framed for the murder of a man named Wright. Now hunted by the leader of the Scorpions gang, the two must fend off Scorpions members sent after them and find the real murderer to clear their name. In single-player mode, the player controls Billy Lee, while in the simultaneous two-player mode via link cable, the second player controls Jimmy Lee.

While still a side-scrolling beat'em up game, the game has many differences from other entries in the series due to its origins. There is neither weapons use by the player nor standard jumps. Only kicks and punches are available. Pressing both buttons simultaneously makes the player crouch, which can be used as an evasive tactic or can be followed by a jumping uppercut.

The action moves through three stages of several sub-stages each. The first two begin in the streets and then move into a subway station and subway train. The third level moves from the streets to a multi-storied building in which the main bad guy resides. Besides standard goons to be taken out, several sub-bosses await, including a boxer, a ninja, a sumo wrestler and a Jason-Vorhees-meets-Leatherface styled masked maniac with a chainsaw.


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