Dora the Explorer: Super Spies - Game Boy Advance

Dora the Explorer: Super Spies - Game Boy Advance

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Señor Tucán, master Super Spy, has a special mission for Super Spy Dora and Super Spy Boots - race to Tico's workshop to warn him of Swiper's plan to swipe his new Rocket-Car!   Super Spies Dora and Boots will need help from their friends Backpack, Map, and of course, you! Help them find Spy Briefcases containing special Spy Gadgets to assist them along the way - from Spy Glasses to help them see "hidden" things to Rocket Sneakers that give them the ability to "fly" to high places!

  • Play as Dora or Boots and interact with characters from Dora the Explorer's world•••Backpack, Map, Tico, Isa, Benny, Señor Tucán, The Fiesta Trio and Swiper the fox!
  • Collect and use "Super Spy Gadgets" like the Spy Glasses, Rocket Sneakers, Spy Shield, Rope Launcher, and Super Spy Bubbles.
  • Explore such exciting levels as the Rainforest, Isa's Flowery Garden, Benny's Barn, Spooky Cavern, the Desert, and Tico's Nutty Forest.
  • Sound effects and include English and Spanish spoken words.


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