Domino Rally - Nintendo Wii

Domino Rally - Nintendo Wii

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Domino Town is full of citizens, each with their own problems. Here to help is Minon, an amazing superhero! Minon can become as tall as a skyscraper or as tiny as an ant, depending on the situation required. Make people happy by retrieving balloons, preventing bored fans from leaving a concert, and demolishing cities to help a father find his apartment. It's all in a day's work for Minon!

Domino Rally is an action game where you control a superhero, Minon, by placing dominoes in front of him, which he uses to hop onto to get where he needs to go. Minon can use the dominoes to reach distant areas and interact with characters, but he must complete his goal before he runs out of both time and "Minonade" (the source of his powers that lets him drop dominoes). While there are some vague similarities to the PlayStation game No One Can Stop Mr. Domino, there really are more differences than similarities - the main one being that Minon places dominoes in front of him, while Mr. Domino drops them behind him and hits the first one at the end of a level.

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