Disney's The Lion King - Game Boy Classic

Disney's The Lion King - Game Boy Classic

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The 1994 Disney film The Lion King received a unique adaptation on Nintendo 8-bit systems. While based on the 16-bit version, it adapts only a few of that game's levels directly, while others are completely new or just based on the general concept.

Players control the young lion Simba through nine levels (the NES version includes only the first six), most of which are side-scrolling platform affairs. At the beginning of the game, where Simba is a cub, he can jump and roar. Roaring stuns some enemies, jumping on top of them defeats them. Cub Simba can also roll along the ground, which allows him to destroy some barriers. Starting in level seven (i.e. not in the NES version), Simba has grown into an adult and gains the ability to scratch enemies with his paws to defeat them, but loses the rolling ability. Enemies to be destroyed or avoided include lizards, porcupines (which must be stunned to turn them over because they can't be jumped on), bugs, and spiders. The film's hyena lackeys also appear and are tougher to destroy than most other enemies. The final boss in the game is of course Simba's uncle Scar. Powerups to be picked up are bug icons that partially or fully restore health, one-ups, and lion icons that create a savepoint in the level.


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