Disney's Little Einsteins - Game Boy Advance

Disney's Little Einsteins - Game Boy Advance

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Inspired by the Playhouse Disney (later Disney Junior) cartoon of the same name, "Disney's Little Einsteins" puts you (or your child, which the game clearly was designed for) in control of the titular characters and their transportation, Rocket.

The game has 7 missions of 3 sections each, and each mission, like the missions in the actual show, is set to a piece of classical music and features a famous work of art. At the start of each mission, you'll have to give Rocket enough power to blast off by tapping the action button to the beat of the music. After that, there are six ways to play - one section has you in control of Rocket as you steer him through an obstacle course, and another asks you to listen to the music for what you need to find. There are also two difficulties - Easy and Hard - which affect not only the buttons you need to press in certain situations, but also require you to do a little extra work to fulfill your objective.


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