Disney's Dinosaur - Playstation 1

Disney's Dinosaur - Playstation 1

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Disney's Dinosaur is a role-playing game based on the movie of the same name. Three characters are controlled: Flia the pteradon, Aladar the Iguanadon and Zini the lemur, each of whom has different abilities. Flia can fly, Aladar can wade through water and crush rocks and Zini can fit through small spaces and pick things up. The game is seen from a top-down perspective, with the player switching characters on the fly. As in the movie, they must work together to reach the sacred nesting grounds for water and food after the rest of world dries up.

Throughout the game, the characters' abilities are upgraded via an Intelligent Points System in an RPG-like addition. The game includes FMV clips from the movie and a dinosaur encyclopedia with information about real dinosaurs.

This PlayStation version of the game features different levels and more colourful and less realistic graphics than the PlayStation 2 and Dreamcast versions.

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