Disney Th!nk Fast - Nintendo Wii

Disney Th!nk Fast - Nintendo Wii

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A game based upon the popular Buzz! series. The questions are now all Disney related and the host of the show is Genie from Aladdin.

Battle with up to 4 players against each other using the buzzers. Players can choose between a few different game modes. The game modes include a Quick start mode (play 5 rounds using basic settings), Basic game mode (players can now choose for how long they want to play, at what location they want to play, and can choose a sound that will be played when they hit the big red button on their buzzer), and a Custom game mode (players can select their favorite rounds).

Players can choose the length of their game. A short game hosts five rounds, an average game hosts seven rounds, and a long game hosts nine rounds. The playing time for a short game is around thirty minutes, while a long game takes up to one hour. Players can also adjust the difficulty by selecting how much knowledge they have of Disney movies.

Players can even unlock bonus items. When playing a multiplayer game, the winner unlocks unique accessories for their character. There are also three hidden Disney figures that can only be unlocked when the player scores 10.000, 20.000 or 30.000 points in the single player mode.

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