Disney Princess: Magical Jewels - Nintendo DS

Disney Princess: Magical Jewels - Nintendo DS

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Disney Princess: Magical Jewels allows players to follow Spryte, the brave and loyal guardian of the Golden Castle in the Enchanted Kingdom of Kindness. Her goal is to gather the magical jewel fragments from the worlds of Cinderella, Belle, Snow White, and Aurora and restore the magical power of the kingdom before the evil ice queen can steal them for herself.

This side-scrolling adventure game allows the player to control Spryte to fly to any part of the level looking for jewel shards. When she touches them, she knocks them to the ground where the princess can reach them. In order to collect them, Spryte must return to the princess and guide her to where the fallen shards are. Mixed within the shards, are the fragments of the Magical Jewels that Spryte is looking for; when she collects two halves, a gem is complete - however the evil Ice Queen will come to try and steal them away. Spryte must engage in a vertical-scrolling dodge-and-collect game, dodging spells from the Ice queen that will momentarily stun Spryte, while collecting shards. The more shards Spryte collects, the weaker the queen becomes until the player wins.

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