Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition - Luke Skywalker

Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition - Luke Skywalker

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Luke has two default weapons in the game: his lightsaber and his blaster. He is also Force-sensitive, and as such possesses all basic Force-related abilities, as well as some additional Force abilities available from his Skill Tree. These include the ability to deflect blaster shots with his lightsaber, a Force pull, and a lightsaber counterattack. Luke also has a Force Finisher, called Power of the Force, which causes him to lift enemies into the air with the Force and then blast them repeatedly with his blaster. Some of his other Skill Tree abilities include a Block Breaker, an Air Assault, and a Super Jump. Luke's Force Ability is Force Focus, which causes him to hold his lightsaber above his head, create a wave of Force energy that surges out in all directions like a ripple in a puddle, and then hold his supercharged lightsaber out in front of him; when Luke is in this state, every time the player presses the button which would normally fire Luke's blaster, Luke instead performs a Shoulder Charge move, and automatically attacks any enemies in the path of this move.

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