Disney G-Force - Nintendo DS

Disney G-Force - Nintendo DS

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G-Force is a Disney-movie licenced 3D action game where you play as Agent Darwin, the high-tech guinea pig and as Agent Mooch the highly equipped house fly to solve many different missions. Your main target and priority mission is to stop the evil billionaire Leonard Saber, who wants to use his so-called Saberling household appliances as weapons to gain world domination.

As Darwin you fight against the Saberling appliances in a real time 3d environment with your electrically enhanced whip. You can also use your infra-red lenses to see the surroundings in dark places and you have to use your jet-pack on the back of your guinea pig to fly short distances.

As Mooch you can slow down time and dodge - then slowly rotating - ventilators and fans among many other obstacles and fly up high in the air or into small ventilation shafts to reach places that would be unattainable for Darwin. And you have to use a laser beam attached to the fly to disable sattelite dishes, turn switches on or off and much more. So the two characters have to work well in a team hand in hand to advance in the game.

Furthermore you have to solve puzzles by using your DS Stylus. You move puzzle peaces to re-create a certain picture to open doors or clear a way and thus reaching your next goal in the game.

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