Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved - Xbox 360

Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved - Xbox 360

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Fantasia: Music Evolved is a music and rhythm game that requires the Kinect peripheral to play. It is based on the animated films Fantasia (1940) and Fantasia 2000 (1999). The realms of Fantasia have been corrupted by Noise. As the sorcerer's newest apprentice, a reference to a segment of the first film, the player is tasked with fighting back the noise with the magic of music and light. This is accomplished by performing songs and exploring each realm to find hotspots and magical fragments.

During gameplay, the player is tasked with sweeping, punching, and tracing their hands along with the various prompts that appear onscreen. As the player does this, they create their own unique mix of the song in real-time. This is accomplished by switching different instruments between three different versions of a song: the original, and two remixes, often in wildly different genres. This also affects what prompts a player will see during a song.

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