Digimon World - Playstation 1

Digimon World - Playstation 1

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You're a young boy who loved playing with the Digimon virtual pet with his friends after school. One day after he came home, his virtual pet started to glow and then all of a sudden he gets sucked in. You land in a place called the Digital World and you meet the leader Jijimon and your Digimon partner (either Agumon or Gabumon). Then, Jijimon explains to you the crisis that a terrible force has disrupted the island and you have to stop it.You have to raise your Digimon by feeding it, training it, fighting, putting it to sleep, taking care of illness and exhaustion and going to the toilet.

You have to restore the island by fighting digimon and letting them join the city. Your main objective is to make it to Infinity Mountain and the real enemy, Machinedramon! Since you can only go to the Ultimate level you have to have strategy to win the fight. Do you have the strength and skill to defeat this almost foe?

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