Digimon World 2 - Playstation 1

Digimon World 2 - Playstation 1

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Digimon World 2the second game in the Digimon World series brings us to an all-new world in which we must raise digimon to fight off the evil trying to invade. In the previous Digimon World, you played as a young boy who was called to the Digital World in order to save the digimon from a terrible fate and had a partner digimon which needed your care. In this second game, your role is that of a new Guard Tamer who's destined to protect the Digital city, and the Digital world. Now you can fight in all new 3-on-3 battles. There is now a way for you to raise your digimon party to higher levels, and digivolve them to the new 'mega' level, unseen in the previous game (where 'ultimate' level was the limit). The new DNA-Digivolving gives you even further ways to gain new and more powerful digimon.

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