Dewy's Adventure - Nintendo Wii

Dewy's Adventure - Nintendo Wii

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Dewy's Adventure is a game by the same team behind Elebits. Players control the young water droplet Dewy in his quest to save the ill Elder Tree from the hands of the evil Don Hedron. The game takes place in 7 worlds (Field, Forest, Tundra, Cavern, Desert, Volcano and Arena), but it also includes an editing mode where players can customize the levels, puzzles and enemies.

Many of the worlds consist of rescuing Dewy's friends. His abilities are based on his state, altered by heating or cooling down the environment. In a hot state, Dewy turns into a cloud of steam to attack enemies with lighting bolts. In a cold state he can freeze his surroundings. All of these moves are performed using the Wiimote, including winds (fanning motion) and earthquakes.

Through WiiConnect24, players can share their custom levels with friends.

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