Desktop Tower Defense  - Nintendo DS

Desktop Tower Defense - Nintendo DS

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As indicated by the name, Desktop Tower Defense is a strategy game in the tower defense genre that takes place on a desktop—that being an actual desk, as the background shows a wood surface, the edge of a keyboard, and some loose change among other objects. During each round the player is presented with a blank field that they must populate with a variety of towers, all having unique weapon capabilities.

Some of the weapons include Pellet Towers, which simply fire small pellets; Dart Towers, which of course fire darts; Frost Towers, which can freeze the enemy; and Ink Towers, which fire ink that traps the enemies in place. The enemies in this game are known as creeps, and there are multiple varieties which resemble various microorganisms. All have different abilities—some are more resistant to damage, others move faster, while some can even fly (necessitating the use of "anti-aircraft" towers).

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