Dementium II - Nintendo DS

Dementium II - Nintendo DS

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Dementium II is the follow-up to the DS exclusive First-Person Shooter horror title Dementium: the Ward.

Dementium II follows the story of the first game where players take control of brain-surgery recipient William Redmoor as he is tasked with fighting and attempting to overcome the nightmarish monsters he sees. Whereas the first game had William fighting his way out of his dark dreamworld as part of a therapy method known as "Phase 1." Dementium II opens with "Phase 1" considered a success, and now has William tasked with working through "Phase 2" of his treatment. This somewhat questionable therapy once again sees William fighting through a horrific nightmare world that switches from his prison-turned-hospital to a monster and demon-infested alternate vision.

Dementium II plays similar to the first game, and other Nintendo DS First-Person Shooters. Players move with the D-pad or, for southpaws, the ABXY buttons, and look around or target using the touch-screen. The only button used regularly is L (or R for southpaws) to attack or fire weapons. Accessing items in inventory, interacting with elements in the game environment, or jumping or crouching are all done with various buttons and options on the touch-screen. A large portion making up the center of the touch-screen doubles as a map.

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