Dead to Rights: Retribution - Xbox 360

Dead to Rights: Retribution - Xbox 360

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Jack is back, and apparently so is his father. What seemed like gangs at work turned out much more organized and conspiratory, reaching all the way back to the law enforcement and once again Jack and his deadly canine companion, Shadow, are in for a helluva night. Terrorists took over Temple Tower, and while G.C.P.D. were trying to negotiate, hostages were killed. Jack Slate went in to negotiate the only way he can, through chaos and destruction, right after he turned over his police badge and gun to his commanding officer, Captain Inness. After taking care of what at first sight seemed a bunch of unsatisfied gang members, he caught up with the mastermind who took off in an Osprey-like aircraft. Together with his father Frank Slate, and his dog Shadow, he was on the trail of the only one who escaped the Temple Tower, but his father got killed in the process. That's when story took the ugly turn... for the badguys. As Jack fights his way through veil of conspiracy, he starts to realize the friends he trusted may be the actual villains.

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