Days Gone - Playstation 4

Days Gone - Playstation 4

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A dangerous global pandemic reshaped the world into a place with zombie-like disease-ridden creatures. What caused the pandemic, noone knows, but Deacon St. John, the protagonist, lost his wife because of it. A couple of years have passed and people are far fewer than the infected. While the infected do share human-eating habits with zombies, they have very little in common otherwise. They are fast and ferocious, they move in packs and even hordes, there are different types of them and they don't require a head shot to be killed.

Deacon is living as a drifter with his old biker gang buddy, Boozer. They live from day to day doing various tasks and scavenging to stay alive. But infected aren't the only threat in the world, human gangs and bandits can be even more dangerous to deal with. The main and side quests are all presented as stories. Each story has its own progress tree and shows all the completed tasks and current progress. Certain missions and events can affect and progress several stories at once. Any active story events are marked on the world map and some remain only temporarily and will disappear if they're not engaged in time. The main storyline features several playable flashbacks that tell more about events before the pandemic.

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