Dancing with the Stars: We Dance! - Nintendo DS

Dancing with the Stars: We Dance! - Nintendo DS

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A rhythm game based on the Dancing With the Stars TV show, where celebrities and professional dancers dance. In the game, stars head towards targets on the bottom screen, to be tapped with the stylus when they hit. Some stars require a tap-and-fling motion, others require a tap-and-drag motion, and still others require a tap-and-swirl motion. At the end of each song, you will be judged based on how many targets you hit or missed, and how well they were hit.

Included is a Quick Play mode, which lets you select the celebrity and professional dancer to use, as well as the song. The Season Mode lets you play through a season of the show, in an attempt to be the best there is. The Practice mode plays through a song, but lets you reverse at any time to replay hard sections, and finally the Tutorial mode walks you through the game.

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