Dance Dance Revolution: SuperNOVA2 - Playstation 2

Dance Dance Revolution: SuperNOVA2 - Playstation 2

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Slightly varied in technology and musical content from the Japanese arcade game and home port of the same name as well as the parallel European release Dancing Stage SuperNova 2, this game delivers rhythmic play that has become well-established over the course of the series' dynasty -- to gloss generally, players are rated on how effectively they deliver input in response to a continuously-scrolling list of controller direction instructions. When the screen tells players that they're about to be called upon to hit the "left" button as its corresponding glyph ascends up the screen, they must try to match it precisely at the moment of the glyph's overlap with a target area at the top of the screen. DDR games being what they are, this is all synchronized to player-selected electro-pop music with music video or animated dancing avatar sideshows, and of course is intended for play with the series' trademark control device, a giant four-way directional pad laid on the floor to be rhythmically walked upon. (Two can be used simultaneously for two players or one who boasts some simply spectacular dance moves.)

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