Croc 2 - Game Boy Color

Croc 2 - Game Boy Color

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Croc and and a Gobbo are playing around on a beach when a bottle suddenly washes up on shore. Looking into the bottle, they find a message signed by Croc's mom, that says she is looking for him. Croc now begins his mission on a search for his long lost parents. Croc's mission won't be easy though as his greatest foe, the Baron Dante, has been brought back to life by his Dantini minions.

Croc 2 is a top-down action game. Croc visits four different villages (Sailor, Cossack, Caveman, and Inca) where he is given various tasks to do by the Gobbos. Croc can jump, stomp, push crates, pick up and throw objects, and can perform tail-whips and tumble attacks when dealing with his enemies. Defeated enemies can drop heart refills or crystals.

Speaking of crystals, throughout each village, Croc collects crystals that he can later spend at Swap Meet Pete's shop. Buying items from the shop such as Jump Jelly and Robo Gobbos will allow Croc to explore previously unreachable areas. Croc starts out with three hearts as his life meter, but this number can be increased by heart pots.

The game also feature light puzzle solving elements. These mostly come in the form of hitting switches.


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