Cosmic Ark - Atari 2600

Cosmic Ark - Atari 2600

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The Alpha Ro solar system is in crisis! Their sun is about to go supernova, meaning the death of all the many planets and the exotic lifeforms who call them home. Luckily, though, the noble Atlanteans have heard of Alpha Ro's plight and have sent a vast Cosmic Ark thousands of light-years across the galaxy to try and save as many species as possible. As the captain of the Ark, the player will have to contend with deadly meteor storms and planetary defense systems to succeed the mission.

Cosmic Ark features two play screens: On the first, the player will have to blast meteors with four-way cannons. Blast enough and the player can go on to the second screen. The Ark descends low over one of Alpha Ro's planets. The player will then have to guide a shuttle craft down and beam aboard two creatures, while avoiding any laser defense system that may be in operation. The player will have to get the creatures back on board quickly, because another meteor shower could happen at any moment. Then it's off to the next planet!

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