Cool World - Super Nintendo

Cool World - Super Nintendo

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Cool World exists as an alternate dimension to this world where cartoon doodles are alive. An object called the Golden Spike of Power keeps both dimensions balanced in harmony. It was placed on top of the Ocean Hotel in Las Vegas for safekeeping. However a doodle named Holli Would want the power of the Golden Spike so she can become a real human, but in doing so may cause both worlds to come to ruin. A prisoner in the real world, Jack Deebs, is transported into the Cool World by Holli Would as she is interested in him. Now Jack has to stop Holli from getting her hands on the Golden Spike so the real world he wants to return to isn't destroyed.

Cool World consists of eight levels. with six being platforming action levels and two being side-scrolling driving platforming levels. In the game Jack can jump, collect objects like nickels and sweets, suck doodles into a pen, and use a stretch punch to deal with foes. As Jack explores the levels he should try to avoid getting arrested by the Cool World Popper Police force. If Jack does get arrested he can either get chewed out by Detective Frank Harris or will have to pay bail money using the aforementioned nickels.

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