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Cooking Mama 4: Kitchen Magic is the debut of the Cooking Mama series on the 3DS; after numerous spin-offs, Mama has returned to the kitchen. Like its predecessors, it is a game that simulates cooking through a variety of recipes. Various steps in the cooking process are mimicked through simple mini games such as chopping, stirring, kneading, and tossing. Boasting 60 recipes and over 200 mini games, Cooking Mama 4 utilizes the familiar DS touch screen feature along with the new gyroscope feature of the 3DS. The gyroscope gives players new abilities such as cracking eggs, flipping pans, balancing plates, and grating cheese. New recipes include corn dogs, cherry pie, and gourmet cupcakes. New activities are available after cooking, such as stacking plates, balancing cups, and washing dishes. There is also a cook-off mode, allowing up to 4 players to compete in perfecting new recipes. All modes in the game are as follows: * Let's Cook: The game's basic mode, where the player can practice their skills by cooking various dishes alongside Mama.

  • Let's Combine: Combine a basic recipe, such as pizza or curry, with another to create an all-new recipe. Fail a mini game and risk the chance of ruining the entire dish.

  • Let's Help: Help Mama and her daughter, Ichigo, tidy up around the house by vacuuming, putting toys away, wiping the floor, taking out the trash, organizing the tableware, and more.

  • Let's Play Together: The game's competitive multiplayer mode.

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