Cold Winter - Playstation 2

Cold Winter - Playstation 2

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In Cold Winter, you play the role of Andrew Sterling, a former member of MI6, the British secret intelligence service. Andrew is caught preparing to assassinate someone in China, and is thrown into prison. There he faces torture and imminent execution. But a former friend from his MI6 days arranges to rescue him and offers him a job, having planned in advance to manipulate him so that he is unable to refuse. The first task seems fairly ordinary: to track down a weapons dealer who has been supplying terrorists.

But soon Andrew's mission becomes more important, because he must deal with a sinister conspiracy that embraces the whole world. In the story, there is a secret society called the Greywings, which slowly began to form after World War I. The organization dedicated itself to stopping nuclear weapons proliferation by any means. Their obsessive leader, John Grey, finally decided that this effort is hopeless. He set in motion a plan calculated to cause the nuclear war he had been trying to prevent for his whole life, reasoning that it is better to have the war under controlled conditions, because it would have happened sooner or later. It is Andrew Sterling who must stop the plan from working. He must track them down and follow them to 'Winterlong,' a hidden bunker in the Arctic, where they have taken shelter.

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