Cold War - Original Xbox

Cold War - Original Xbox

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In Cold War you play the role of Matthew Carter, an American journalist, who gets into serious trouble when chasing after a story in of Russia in 1986. You soon realize that you have been led you into a trap orchestrated by anti-perestroika KGB conspirators, headed by a fictional KGB director Named Georgi Barinski. These conspirators want to stop you from uncovering their plans, and also get revenge for a previous news story in which you exposed a KGB operation in Berlin. To get you out of the way, they have switched your ordinary camera for one incorporating a cunning X-ray weapon, and have framed you as a CIA assassin who wanted to kill General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev (who, in the game, is somewhat incorrectly referred to as the "president" -- even though no such office existed at the time). Your goal is to escape the Lubyanka KGB prison, together with the head of the Presidential Guard, a loyalist named Grushkov who has also been framed. You must work with him to stop the KGB radicals from overthrowing the government, and to prove that you are both innocent.

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