Code Breaker- Atari 2600

Code Breaker- Atari 2600

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In Codebreaker your goal is to guess a 3 or 4 digit secret code which is generated by either the computer or another player. Depending on the difficulty setting, the player has either 8 or 12 guesses to figure out the code by entering in values with the keyboard controller. After each guess, the computer analyzes your input and displays results which indicate if you have a correct digit in the correct position, a correct digit in the wrong position, or no correct digits at all. Points are scored based on how many turns it takes to correctly identify the code. A second game variation called Nim is also included. In this game, two players take turns removing items from a stack. On each turn, a player must take at least one item from a stack, and the player who removes the last item from the screen wins. You can have the computer set up the stacks automatically or set them up manually, and a variation is included where the player who removes the last item from the screen loses rather than wins.

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