Chicken Little: Ace in Action - Nintendo DS

Chicken Little: Ace in Action - Nintendo DS

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Disney's Chicken Little: Ace in Action is an action game inspired by the movie at the end of Walt Disney's movie Chicken Little. The game features superhero Ace (an alter ego of Chicken Little) and his friends Runt the warthog, Abby the duckling and Fish-Out-of-Water.

Together they must stop the evil plans of Foxy Loxy and Goosey Loosey by battling enemies throughout the solar system. Each character has his or her own distinctive mode. Ace fights as a soldier (on foot) with a blaster and Runt drives a tank. They both have a default weapon with unlimited ammo and can change to additional weapons that need to be recharged with power-ups. Abby pilots a spaceship in a vertical space-shooter. She has an air-to-air laser for shooting at enemy ships and an air-to-ground missile to destroy buildings.

Defeated enemies leave behind little aliens that refill shields and can be exchanged for upgrades to armour and weapons in between levels. The Touch screen is used to select between weapons. Movement is controlled with the D-pad. Two players can play mini-games via the local WiFi network (one cartridge needed per player).

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