Chase Hollywood Stunt Driver  - Original Xbox

Chase Hollywood Stunt Driver - Original Xbox

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Griffin Corrada was world renown as the best stunt driver ever, but after a crippling injury he had to leave the business. Now his daughter Chase wants to break in by working on the movies of Mr. Chin, equally world renown for the use of over-the-top car stunts in his films. She's going to have to prove her worth as well as watch out for Rick Baen, current top stunt driver in the business with an axe to grind.

Chase: Hollywood Stunt Driver takes place over the scenes of four movies ranging in setting from the prohibition era to a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Chase will have to reach the end of the scene before film runs out, as well as achieve multiple objectives along the way, such as destroying objects, power sliding over a specific distance, or setting up specific shots. Every objective completed rewards reputation points necessary to unlock additional scenes. Every vehicle has a built-in, recharging nitro boost and the ability to do tricks, such as wheelies or spinning in the air.

Hidden in each level is an optional trophy that will unlock additional challenge and multiplayer modes when enough are collected, such as jumping buses or doing tricks to earn points in a specific time. Completing scenes will unlock additional cars for these modes.

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