Chaos Wars - Playstation 2

Chaos Wars - Playstation 2

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Legend says that in the mountains, there is a cave that leads to another world. There, there is a shrine, where the founder of the village is said to have come from, and where you can pray to a god to have any wish granted. After seeing a pillar of light coming from the mountain in a dream, Hyoma Kusaka, diligent student that he is, ditches class to go take a look along with his friends Shizuku Mizuki and Hayatemaru Mudouin. They find themselves transported to a mysterious world, with no idea how to return.

Chaos Wars is a tactics RPG crossover game featuring characters from numerous game series, including GrowlanserGungraveShadow HeartsSpectral Force, and Spectral Souls. You can take teams of up to 10 into battle, recruit allies, and upgrade and customize your characters and equipment.Disclaimer: The product images shown are for illustration purposes only and may not be an exact representation of the product received.

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