Catz - Nintendo DS

Catz - Nintendo DS

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Catz, along with Dogz, is the first of this series for the DS. It's a pet simulation game, where the player can choose between 5 different races of cats. The goal is basically to care for you cat, that is, bath it when it is dirty, feed it when it is hungry, cure it when it is sick, etc. Additionally, many traditional toys for cats are present in Catz to play with your pet, such us, fake mice, small balls with bells inside, etc.

But once in a while, the in-game PDA will show an alert. Here, the game will give interesting real-life advices about cat-caring, and also tasks to be performed by the player. Succeeding at these tasks, like caring for cats of other non-player characters, will traduce into coins, that give the player the opportunity to buy both, toys and costumes for your pet or furniture and decoration objects for the house. And you can also be rewarded with "Kitty Cardz", that give hints on cat-caring or tell facts about them.

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