Casper: Spirit Dimensions - Gamecube

Casper: Spirit Dimensions - Gamecube

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Casper is an action-adventure game based upon the children’s character Casper the friendly ghost. Casper offers the players the ability to fly a ghost with complete freedom around 3D worlds, blasting things with his range attacks and collecting pick-ups to enhance them. There are also simple collection and navigation puzzles. The game has 16 levels and 4 bosses leading up to the final battle with his nemesis Kibosh.

The story for the game is that Kibosh has taken over the spirit world (home of all the ghosts) and is amassing an army to invade the real world. Casper is the last remaining free ghost. Kibosh didn’t really think he needed to worry about the little guy and just to be sure that it won’t be a problem he has kidnapped Casper’s best friend, Wendy Witch.

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