Casino - Atari 2600

Casino - Atari 2600

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This is three card games.

In game one, you play Blackjack with one or two players and allows for splitting. Game two is also Blackjack but is for one to four players and does not allow splitting. The computer is always the dealer. You place bets by rotating the controller then pressing the button.

Five-card stud poker
Game three is five-card stud poker for one to four players. The computer is always the dealer. It will deal you and it a five-card hand. Before the first card is dealt and after the second, third, fourth and fifth cards are dealt, players must place bets or fold. Betting is done the same as in games one and two.

Poker Solitaire
Game four is a one player game called Poker Solitaire. The object is to place cards on the screen to create the twelve best poker hads in five rows, five columns and two diagonals. You turn the controller to select a spot to place a card and press the button to place it.

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